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How To Become a New Customer...

Follow these simple steps

1)  Create Account:   Click on the Customer Portal button to create an account through our portal software on Gingr.    This is where you will add your information and your pet(s).   

2)  Vaccine Records:  Upload your pet(s) shot records to your portal account (you can also email them to us as well).

For dogs, we require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella(every 6 months).

For cats, we require Rabies, Distemper, and Feline Leukemia.

3)  Account Update:   This one is ours!   Once we receive the vaccine records and verify, we will update your account.

4)  Schedule Ruff Test Run:   We can now schedule your dog(s) temperament test or what we like to call "Ruff Test Run".

Email or give us a call at 913-361-7387 and we will schedule based on our available 3 hour time slots.  

We schedule Ruff Test Runs on Monday-Thursday (8:00, 9:00, or 10:00am) and Saturday (8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00am)

Once these steps are completed you can begin to make daycare/boarding reservation requests in your customer portal.   Please note, requests will either be approved, wait listed, or rejected - so make sure to check your email confirmations.
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