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(Webcams are available to view in customer portal when dog(s) are checked in)

Our facility is climate controlled and provides multiple yards each designed for a specific sized dog. Staff will supervise your pets continuously to allow a safe playing environment.  Your pet will be in the yard playing and burning energy from drop off to pick up. If you would like your dog to have lunch, dinner, or a nap, please tell us when you drop off. We can pull them aside during the middle of the day to either have a snack or nap time.


Requirements for daycare:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Bordetella (required every six months)

  • Proof they are spayed/neutered.

  • For puppies they will need to be spayed/neutered by the end of their 6 months to continue coming.


Your pets will need to go through a three hour temperament test which is totally free of charge. Once they have passed their temperament test, we will be happy to make any reservation you need.  You can either book online or call for a reservation. Please bring a copy from your latest vet visit showing your dog is updated on the shots listed above and proof of spay/neuter.

If you need to drop off before 7am on a certain day please let us know 48 hours in advance. If it becomes a daily drop off time, we will accommodate your needs.


Full Day
One Dog ($27)

Two Dogs ($49)

Three Dogs ($65)

Every additional dog after three is $16 more

Half Day (5 hours or less)

One Dog ($17)

Two Dogs ($31)

Three Dogs ($41)

Every additional dog after three is $13 more




Full Day

5 Days


($24.40 per Day)


Full Day

10 Days


($23.80 per Day)


Full Day

20 Days


($22.70 per Day)


Half Day

5 Days


($15.40 per Half)

Half Day

10 Days


($15.00 per Half)

Half Day

20 Days


($14.30 per Half)

First responders (EMT, firefighter, police, veteran) get 10% off services

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