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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions commonly asked by our customers so hopefully you can find answers to yours as well!   Plus some "informational" answers that you may not have even thought about yet.

Is Ruff Ranch a franchise?

No, we are a family owned business and opened Ruff Ranch in February of 2021.   

Does the Bordetella vaccine prevent kennel cough?

So this is a longer answer that needs some additional explanation.  Kennel cough is an overarching term for respiratory viruses and the Bordetella vaccine is designed to build immunity to a certain strain.  You can liken this to the human flu virus where there are many strains and even though you might have received a flu shot, it may only protect you from a certain strain.   The Bordetella vaccine is extremely effective in preventing that strain of respiratory viruses, however that doesn't mean your dog can not come in contact and catch another virus.   Just like we humans can't expect to not catch a cold or the flu when mingling around with others for days on end.   

Can I watch my dog on cameras?

We have cameras in our play yards (both inside and outside) that are active during business hours and also recording 24/7 so we can go back and review footage as necessary.   Any time your dog is checked in, the cameras will be active through your portal account.   There is no way for anyone else to view the cameras if they do not have a dog checked into our facility.   

What if my dog doesn't pass the Ruff Test Run?

Not all dogs are happy and playful in a Daycare setting and may not be a good fit for our open play style.  But that doesn't mean they can't Board with us!   As long as your dog is people friendly and not actively aggressive towards other dogs, they can board and will just get extra walks and attention so they are not in their kennel all the time.   

Can you administer medicines and give injections?

Yes!   We have many of our fur friends who are on prescribed meds and we keep those in a separate container for administering as necessary.  Also, we have a couple people on staff who can do injections, for example Insulin is the most common.  

How often should/could I bring my dog for daycare?

We will address the "should" versus "could" part of this question.   Our type of daycare is an open style with no set breaks or "group play" (where dogs are in the yard for a set time and then put in kennels for rest breaks).   While some dogs will just go find a cot or nice corner to nap, others will not and are constantly active.   We have seen too many instances where pet parents get their new puppy and then because of their busy schedule, bring them to daycare 5 days a week.   This usually doesn't end well for the dog as they don't get the rest they need throughout the day and can lead to behavior issues.   A good rule of thumb would be every other day so you dog can have some true downtime at home.   We want what's best for you and you pup and hope to develop a long relationship so we can see your dog happy and healthy when they are here!  

What should/can I bring for my pet while boarding?

Honestly, whatever will make them feel more comfortable is fine with us!   Their favorite toys, bed, blanket, t-shirt, chew bones, stuffed animals, are just a few examples of what folks have brought.  We do prefer you provide the food your pet is used to eating so we can limit any digestive issues that may arise.   But we do have house food that we can provide as necessary (with an extra charge).   Any time your pet is separated from their loved ones can be stressful and keeping as many things "like home" is important.  

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